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Misfit Blog interview tour kicks off with author Stephanie Kuehnert!

During the next few weeks, I’m going to be posting links to short interviews I did all over the ‘Verse (blogiverse, that is...). Most of them will be me talking about various aspects of Misfit, but some of them are interviews with characters (I think the Dagon interview was my favorite), fun quick lists, and all sorts of other stuff. We like to keep it fresh!The main body of the tour, which kicks off next week, was organized by Kari at The Teen Book Scene, so a huge thanks to her and her valiant assistant Corrine!But before all that gets started...

I was flattered to receive an interview request from one of the coolest, most rockin’est chicks I know, Stephanie Kuehnert, author of I Wanna Be Your Joey Ramone and Ballads of Suburbia. If you have any love of rock music and alternative culture, these books are unquestionably must reads.So, yeah... Stephanie and I talk about Misfit, and as you might guess, geek out on music. BUT WAIT THERE’S MORE!Because I simply cannot say “no” to Stephanie, I am also providing her with a FREE signed galley of Misfit to give away to one lucky reader! So, click the link at the top, read the interview, and enter the contest!(Apologizes for the use of all caps and overuse of exclamation points. But hey, my second books is coming out...I’m excited...)

Misfit Blog Tour: Mundie Moms interview Astarte!

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