Jon Skovron is an author of fantasy novels for adults and teens. He lives just outside Washington DC with his two sons.

Man Made Boy Reviews on!

You guys.

OMFG, you guys.

If you follow my Tumblr regularly, you know how much I link to They are hands down my favorite SF and pop culture blog. And today they reviewed Man Made Boy. Not only did they review it, they LOVED it!

Obviously you NEED to go and read the full review and probably comment and reblog or tweet or whatever you do. But if I may just pull some quotes here so you know why I am having trouble typing this through my real man tears...

This is nice:

"No matter what happens in the book, from the outlandish to the mundane, Boy is the grounded teenage voice at the heart of the book, a deeply believable character. The depth of feeling he experiences when he falls in love, when he tries to ignore how he screwed up, when he fails abjectly, makes it easy to forget that he’s constructed out of dead body parts."

They pretty much nail it here:

"Skovron seems to be trying to show how taking responsibility for one’s actions is how one becomes an adult. And it’s always great when taking responsibility means saving New York City from certain doom, not to mention lots of hand to hand fighting and some explosions."

And I think I'll close with this one:

"If Man Made Boy hasn’t been optioned for a film or at least a CW series by the end of the year, we can be assured that Hollywood has actually forgotten how to read. Because Boy, for all his used parts, is an original."

So, yeah. I'm a happy guy. Today wins.

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