Jon Skovron is an author of fantasy novels for adults and teens. He lives just outside Washington DC with his two sons.

New Music - March 7, 2017

Few things in this world keep me sane better than music. Here’s a few new tracks that have come out in the last couple of days that I’m excited about.


I loved Girlpool’s first LP, When The World Was Small. It’s spare and simple and perfect. They’ve got a full band on their forthcoming second LP, Powerplant, but if the first single is any indication, they haven’t lost that earnest, spare sound:

alt-J (∆)

alt-J’s debut album, An Awesome Wave, was singular in its scope and vision. It was like nothing else and I loved it. Their second album, This Is All Yours was…well, not as impressive. Which isn’t to say it was bad by any means. There were a couple of really great tracks, but as a whole the album wasn’t as consistent. It felt like there might have been a little too much studio meddling, now that the band had made a name for themselves. We’ll have to wait and see what their next album, Relaxer brings later this year. Here’s hoping this first single is an indication of the whole album:

Diet Cig

When Diet Cig’s first EP dropped in 2015, my son and I immediately fell in love with it. It’s so much like the jangly grunge pop I grew up with in the early 90’s that it made me feel young again. Alas, it was only fives songs! But now, after two years of patiently waiting, their first full length is only a month away. They already released “Tummy Ache” last month, and now here’s another track from what I suspect might well be one of my favorite albums of the year.

Switching Gears

Bane and Shadow on sale now!