I've been fairly silent here and elsewhere, even on my newletter for the most part, primarily because I had a painful backinjury that went on for more than half year. The constant pain and/or side effects of the treatments I went through made just about everything more difficult. Writing and single parenting, never easy, became about all I was capable of handling, and frankly, only just barely.

Here it is, Book Three of the Empire Storms. I'm not sure if it's the end of the series, but it's definitely a conclusion to this particular story. I'm so pleased they decided to put Brigga Lin on the cover. To my mind, she's always been the third (unofficial) protagonist. If you're so inclined you can preorder at all the usual places.

I was totally focused on research when my revision notes for Blood and Tempest, book three of the Empire of Stormsarrived and consumed my life for several weeks. This blog, which I’ll be honest I created as a means of distracting myself while I waited for those revision notes, was the first thing to get dropped. Now, with a few days to spare, the revisions are (I think?) done, at least for this round.